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Veneers without grinding

Veneers without grinding are becoming more and more popular and many patients choose this treatment method to get a more beautiful smile. However, some are put off by the fact that conventional veneers require part of the enamel to be ground off. This makes the treatment irreversible, so from then on veneers must always be worn. Even though classic veneers still have a lot of advantages, this article is about whether veneers are also possible without grinding the teeth.

Veneers ohne Schleifen

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What are the veneers without grinding?

To begin with, it can be said directly that there are types of veneers that can be used without grinding down the teeth. These types are called non-prep veneers because they can be placed without major preparation of the teeth.

The very well-known Lumineers also belong to this category. They are specially patented ceramic veneers, which have also arrived in Germany since 2007. Nevertheless, they are still far from being offered by every dentist who has veneers in his repertoire.

The fact that this type of veneer does not require grinding is due to the fact that the veneers are significantly thinner than classic veneers. As a result, they can be easily bonded to the teeth to be treated and no enamel needs to be removed.

Advantages & disadvantages of non-prepared veneers

So if there are veneers without grinding, why do patients still opt for the conventional kind at all? It’s because non-prepared veneers, also called lumineers, are not suitable for every patient. Due to the fact that they are very thin, they can not conceal deep and dark discolorations. Also, they are not suitable for people who grind their teeth, as they can fall off so easily.

They are also out of the question for those patients whose enamel surface is too thick, as they simply do not fit on the tooth in these cases.

But if you are not one of the addressed patients, non-prep veneers, in turn, also have some advantages. The biggest here is certainly that the teeth do not need to be ground down. In addition, they are very long-lasting, can be removed without leaving any residue and ensure a natural tooth appearance.

Veneers ohne Abschleifen

How bad is grinding really?

However, if non-prep veneers are not an option, the next step is to consider whether conventional veneers should be used. It can be said that the grinding of the teeth is done without pain, because the teeth and the oral cavity are anesthetized in the process. For patients with anxiety, general anesthesia is also possible. Of course, when the anesthesia wears off after the treatment, it is still noticeable that something has been changed in the teeth, which can lead to an unpleasant feeling at the first moment. Even though this treatment cannot be reversed, it does not mean that it has only disadvantages. The conventional ceramic veneers last about 20 years, so the teeth need to be renewed only with ample time interval. In return, you get a beautiful and natural smile, as well as healthy and aesthetic teeth.

If you are not sure which form of veneers is suitable for you, feel free to contact us. We will advise you and find the best treatment together!

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