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High-quality veneers from innoEsthetics are individual, natural and durable. The total veneers price in Bochum is 1.500€ per tooth. Or conveniently in installments *63€/month per month.

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More and more people are taking the opportunity to have their smiles beautified with veneers in Bochum to achieve a so-called Hollywood Smile. The following article explains why this is so, why Bochum is the ideal location for Inno Esthetics and where exactly you can have your teeth beautified in Bochum.

The city of Bochum borders directly on Dortmund, Essen and Herne. This puts it right in the center of the Ruhr region. It is known throughout the country for the German Mining Museum, the party hotspot in the Bermuda Triangle and the musical “Starlight Express”, among other things. But more and more doctors are also opening their practices locally and enjoying the advantages of the city’s location. For example, Bochum now has the highest density of doctors in the Ruhr region. In purely numerical terms, this represents the best ratio between patients and physicians.

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Straight, bright white and natural teeth

Specialists for veneers in Bochum

With more than 230 dentists in private practice in Bochum, our industry accounts for a significant share of this. However, not all of them specialize in veneers in Bochum. They mainly offer services related to prophylaxis, fillings and periodontal treatments. As a dentist in Bochum, you take care of patients of all ages. These either have major dental problems or just want to touch up minor blemishes. The situation is very similar with veneers. Sometimes they are medically necessary and sometimes they serve optical embellishments.

We reserve the right to give you an appointment only after you have watched the consultation video. Only then can you be 100% sure whether veneers are the best solution for you.

Bochum Veneers

Here's what you get:

With veneers you can not only get a beautiful and natural smile, but also help with medical problems.

Convince yourself!

Veneers Bochum prices

We charge €1,500 per tooth for the insertion of a veneer. You have the possibility to pay for your new teeth individually in *63€/monthly installments.

You can read all further and extensive details about our prices here.

Price per tooth


Interest free up to 24 months or pay 1,500€ once.

e.g. 2 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 3,000€.

e.g. 4 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 6,000€.

e.g. 8 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 12,000€.

Individual pricing from 20 veneers

* The monthly installment shown is based on a 24-month period and is interest-free. Monthly installments can be financed in up to 72 months. The annual percentage rate of charge is 9.8%.

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Best Veneers Quality, Best Service

We guarantee excellent quality of veneers. Our specialized team will accompany you throughout the treatment and beyond.

See result before treatment

We want you to be 100% sure up front that veneers are the right choice for you. That's why you get an individual mockup (replica).

High quality ceramic veneers

For the best possible aesthetic result, the veneers are layered from ceramic and made in our own laboratory, by specially trained dental technicians.

5 years warranty

We give a 5-year warranty on our work (instead of the 2 years typical for the industry)


This is offered with a term of up to 72 months through an external service provider, with 24 months interest-free.

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Veneers treatment procedure

Watch consulting video

Before you request an appointment, we ask you to watch the consultation video or read through our information material. Only then can you be 100% sure if it is the best solution for you.

Request appointment

Fill out the contact form and you will soon receive a call from us. We will then welcome you to our practice in Bochum or Munich!

Creation of a mockup

After the first individual meeting, we will create a mockup together with our lab so you can decide if you like it.

Use of the veneers

If you are satisfied, we will start placing the veneers. Our dental laboratory creates individual veneers based on your dental impression. They are then placed on your teeth. Depending on the process, these are sanded beforehand or glued on directly.

What are Veneers?

But what are veneers again? Veneers are very thin ceramic discs that are bonded to the teeth from the outside with a special adhesive. There are different types. These are then made of plastic or ceramic, for example. Plastic veneers, however, can discolor quickly. This would weaken the effect enormously, as veneers are mainly used when patients want brighter, whiter and straighter teeth. Therefore, we recommend ceramic veneers.

In addition, veneers hide chipped, crooked or discolored teeth. With the help of them, anyone can get a smile that is in no way inferior to the Hollywood stars. There is some cost involved, but it’s worth it!

In addition to conventional veneers, there are so-called non-prep veneers, also called lumineers. They are thinner than the normal variant and do not require pre-treatment of the teeth by grinding. Also, some places have instant veneers that are fitted and placed in one session. They are cheaper, but also inferior in quality than the conventional variant.

We create our wafer-thin veneers close by in Dortmund. So they only have to travel a short distance to our practice. How exactly the veneers are made can also be read on our website. However, before patients in Bochum receive their veneers, we perform a series of preliminary treatments. In the process, we create impressions, make prototypes, insert them and grind the teeth.

If you have more questions, for example, about the production of veneers and the treatment, watch this video.

Advantages of veneers in Bochum

However, all this is associated with a lot of time and accordingly also costs its price. However, the satisfied customers who have already received their veneers from us in Bochum speak for themselves. Through professional consultation and individual methods, we find the perfect solution for each patient. For example, four to six veneers on the upper incisors. Or bridges to conceal visibly missing teeth. A complete package, in which all teeth are treated with veneers, can also be the optimal solution. Our specialists at Inno Veneers in Bochum will work specifically with you to achieve this.

Clients often travel to distant lands in search of a more beautiful smile. Turkey, for example, is a common destination for this. We save you this trip and offer our service directly around the corner in Bochum. In addition, we guarantee you the best results, which we can ensure through regular quality controls and veneers “made in Germany”.

Several decades after the last colliery closure in Bochum, the time of the real painters who know no pain and are willing to do anything is probably over. But also all others need not be afraid of a treatment with veneers in Bochum. Although after the various treatment steps you will notice that work has been done in the mouth and on the teeth, we anesthetize all the affected areas during the procedure so that no pain is to be expected. For patients with very high anxiety, general anesthesia is also offered.

Dr. Kiziler

“All in all, our veneers in Bochum offer you the perfect mix, of good quality, long durability and a stress-free treatment. We’ll give you the smile you deserve.”

Muhammed Ferit Kiziler, Dentist, Founder of Inno-Esthetics & Veneer Specialist

So if you are interested in our veneers in Bochum, would like a consultation or if we can help you in any other way, please feel free to contact us.


Do you have any questions?

An appointment request is made via the form on our website, whereupon you will be contacted and offered an individual appointment in Bochum. You will be invited to the practice, where we can get to know each other and clarify your individual situation.

You can find our practice at Steinring 56 in 44789 Bochum .

It depends on the individual desire, as you are completely free to decide how many you want to have. Normally, we propose a package and then decide together with you what should be done.

With veneers, the veneers are only placed on the front of the tooth, whereas with crowns, the entire tooth is enclosed and the crown is placed from above. Therefore, only the front of the teeth must be ground for veneers, but the entire tooth must be ground for crowns.

No, veneers are in most cases private services and are not covered by health insurance. Only in special cases you can apply for a small subsidy.

Yes, it is possible to pay for veneers in installments. It is offered with a term of up to 72 months through an external service provider, with 24 months interest-free. This means that if the veneers are paid off over 2 years, there will be no additional costs due to the installment payment.

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