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High-quality veneers from innoEsthetics are individual, natural and durable. The total veneers price in Munich is 1.500 € per tooth. Or conveniently in installments *63 €/ per month.

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Veneers practice Munich

Our veneers practice now also has a location in Munich. With almost 1.5 million inhabitants, the Bavarian capital is only behind Berlin and Hamburg in the German rankings. It also ranks third in terms of GDP (basic economic product).

This shows how successful this city can be due to its high employment rate – from BMW cars to the Siemens industrial combine, which is also one of the major employers here!

The infrastructure offers immense advantages not only to companies, but also to those who live in the city. And so now does our practice for aesthetic dentistry in Munich.

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Straight, bright white and natural teeth

The professional smile from Munich

We place special emphasis on an individual and natural result, which makes our patients shine happily again. To help you make a decision, we use a mockup and intraoral scanner to show you a possible result before treatment.

Get advice for a beautiful smile and request an appointment at our veneers practice in Munich today.

We reserve the right to give you an appointment only after you have watched the consultation video. Only then can you be 100% sure whether veneers are the best solution for you.

Here's what you get:

With veneers you can not only get a beautiful and natural smile, but also help with medical problems.

Convince yourself!

Veneers Munich Prices

We charge €2,000 per tooth for the insertion of a veneer. You have the possibility to pay for your new teeth individually in *83 €/month installments.

You can read all further and extensive details about our prices here.

Price per tooth


Interest-free for up to 24 months or pay €1,500 once.

e.g. 2 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 3,000€.

e.g. 4 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 6,000€.

e.g. 8 teeth


Or pay a one-time fee of 12,000€.

Individual pricing from 20 veneers

* The monthly installment shown is based on a 24-month period and is interest-free. Monthly installments can be financed in up to 72 months. The annual percentage rate of charge is 9.8%.

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Best Veneers Quality, Best Service

We guarantee excellent quality of veneers. Our specialized team will accompany you throughout the treatment and beyond.

See result before treatment

Before you decide, you will receive an individual mockup (replica). This way, you can decide in advance whether your veneers are right for you.

High quality ceramic veneers

The veneers we use are made in our own laboratory. These are layered from ceramic by specially trained dental technicians.

5 years warranty

We give a 5-year warranty on our work (instead of the 2 years typical for the industry)


This is offered with a term of up to 72 months through an external service provider, with 24 months interest-free.

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Veneers treatment procedure

Watch consulting video

Before you request an appointment, we ask you to watch the consultation video or read through our information material. Only then can you be 100% sure if it is the best solution for you.

Request appointment

Fill out the contact form and you will soon receive a call from us. We will then welcome you to our practice in Munich!

Creation of a mockup

After the first individual meeting, we will create a mockup together with our lab so you can decide if you like it.

Use of the veneers

If you are satisfied, we will start placing the veneers. Our dental laboratory creates individual veneers based on your dental impression. They are then placed on your teeth. Depending on the process, these are sanded beforehand or glued on directly.

Veneers practice Munich

innoEstetics now offers veneers in Munich, we are one of the leading veneer practices in Germany. Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic veneers that are applied to the front of the teeth.

The main advantages of ceramic veneers are that they closely resemble natural tooth enamel, making the overall result indistinguishable from a real tooth.

Ceramic also has the advantage that it does not discolor, as is the case with plastic. Veneers treatment usually takes about three sessions, so within a short time, you can already enjoy your new radiant smile.

Our veneers practice in Munich is a modern and forward-looking practice that specializes in the processing of veneers.

That’s why you should have your veneers done by us, because we only use high-quality veneers made in Germany that meet the highest quality standards.

Many years of experience in the production of veneers enables us to offer you veneers that are perfectly tailored to your needs and wishes.

With us, you will be accompanied and cared for by a professional team throughout the entire treatment period. Especially for patients with anxiety, we take special time and provide a mindful and knowledgeable approach where patients enjoy going to their dentist.

innoEstetics Veneers in Munich is your first choice when it comes to veneers! Request an appointment with us right away and watch our consultation video here in advance.

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Your attending physician

Muhammed Ferit Kiziler

Innoesthetics Veneers

Welcome to my practice for dentistry and aesthetics in Munich. Specializing in the use of porcelain veneers, I want to help my patients really shine again.


Do you have any questions?

An appointment request is made via the form on our website, whereupon you will be contacted and offered an individual appointment in Munich. You will be invited to the practice, where we can get to know each other and clarify your individual situation.

It depends on the individual desire, as you are completely free to decide how many you want to have. Normally, we propose a package and then decide together with you what should be done.

With veneers, the veneers are only placed on the front of the tooth, whereas with crowns, the entire tooth is enclosed and the crown is placed from above. Therefore, only the front of the teeth must be ground for veneers, but the entire tooth must be ground for crowns.

No, veneers are in most cases private services and are not covered by health insurance. Only in special cases you can apply for a small subsidy.

Yes, it is possible to pay for veneers in installments. It is offered with a term of up to 72 months through an external service provider, with 24 months interest-free. This means that if the veneers are paid off over 2 years, there will be no additional costs due to the installment payment.

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