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Here I answer the most important questions about veneers in general and the treatment at innoEsthetics. How much do veneers cost? How long do they last? And what to look for in the subject?

All questions and answers at a glance!

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General knowledge about veneers

Veneers are wafer-thin ceramic discs that are bonded to the front of teeth. They are used to guarantee a radiant smile and to perform cosmetic corrections.

The veneers we use are made in our own laboratory. In this process, very thin ceramic discs are layered by specially trained dental technicians.

Our laboratory, where the veneers we use are manufactured, is located in Dortmund (Germany).

No we only offer ceramic veneers. Plastic veneers are theoretically also available, but we do not recommend them because they do not last as long and look comparatively worse.

Veneers cost

A veneer costs 1.500 € per tooth. For example, for four veneers, the cost would therefore be 6,000€. However, if a client wants to have all of their teeth done, they can talk about adjusting the cost.

No, veneers are in most cases private services and are not covered by health insurance. Only in special cases you can apply for a small subsidy.

This varies from case to case, so you always have to consult individually. However, you will get individual help from us to get the best advice on this topic.

Yes, it is possible to pay for veneers in installments. It is offered with a term of up to 72 months through an external service provider, with 24 months interest-free. This means that if the veneers are paid off over 2 years, there will be no additional costs due to the installment payment.

Treatment & Procedure

The teeth are ground from the outside and also a little from above. Unlike crowns, the entire tooth does not have to be ground smaller.

To attach the veneers to the teeth, several gels are first applied to make the surface rougher. Then several layers of adhesive are applied to the tooth and the veneers are bonded one after the other.

An appointment request is made through the form on our website, after which you will be contacted and offered an individual appointment. You will be invited to the practice, where we can get to know each other and clarify your individual situation.

It will be discussed what you would like to have and what we suggest. In addition, impressions and photos are taken, and the further procedure is discussed. This first consultation appointment costs a one-time fee of 200€.

This is possible if, for example, the patient lives over 500 kilometers away and it is therefore not possible to drop by for a short consultation appointment. However, we recommend coming directly to us, because we can better examine the teeth on site and make the consultation more individual.

After the initial consultation, we pass the data to our laboratory and create a mockup from resin veneers. This will allow you to see what you would look like with real veneers at the second appointment. Afterwards you decide if you like it and when we can start with the treatment.

The first appointment is the initial consultation and getting to know each other. The second appointment includes the mockup and the final determination of what should be done. At a third appointment, the teeth that are not to be treated with veneers are whitened. Then, at the fourth appointment, the teeth for which veneers are planned are ground again. In the fifth appointment, the veneers are first placed on a trial basis and then bonded. This appointment is scheduled 2 weeks after the teeth grinding.

The grinding of 6 to 8 teeth takes approx. 3 hours, whereby all pre & post preparations are already included in this time.

What you need to know beforehand:

It depends on the individual desire, as you are completely free to decide how many you want to have. Normally, we propose a package and then decide together with you what should be done.

No, you can decide individually which teeth bother you and which teeth should be adjusted accordingly with veneers. Four teeth with veneers are therefore just as possible as six, eight or even one.

Yes, for example, you can have only the front teeth fitted with veneers and the rest of the teeth bleached. It should be noted that it is not possible to say 100% beforehand how bright we will get the individual teeth and whether we will be able to match the color of the veneers exactly.

Sometimes it is also possible to get veneers without grinding down the teeth first. For example, if you have a lot of space between your teeth. As a rule, however, the teeth have to be ground down, and we can clarify this issue directly in an individual initial consultation.

One possibility to replace a visible tooth is an implant, which is inserted and on which a crown is placed. The alternative would be a bridge, which bridges the space between two teeth and thus closes the hole.

In this case, the teeth must first be straightened. For this purpose we use transparent splints or braces, which must be worn at first. We will also clarify this directly at the beginning in our initial consultation, where we can refer you directly to an orthodontist if necessary.

We do not offer gum lengthening alone. However, in combination with our veneers we also treat the gums, so that any corrections (e.g. shortening of the gums) can be carried out by us.

What is important after the treatment?

After the teeth have been ground, you will be given a temporary denture made of plastic, which will be placed on the teeth. With this, you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your freshly cut teeth.

Each client is given a splint to be used at night to protect the veneers from teeth grinding, for example.

No, you cannot change from a crown to a veneer. This is not possible because the tooth has been previously machined to such an extent that veneers can no longer be placed.

Veneers can last for over 20 years and usually do not fall off the tooth on their own. To achieve this, we use special material and take a lot of time for each individual customer.

No our veneers do not discolor and always remain the same color.

We give a 5-year guarantee on our work (instead of the 2 years typical in the industry), provided that the patient comes every 6 months for a check-up and a professional teeth cleaning and that the teeth are visibly well cared for.

No, anyone who has had veneers once will need veneers again afterwards, as the teeth under the veneers have been ground down and therefore cannot simply be left as they are.

If you come for a check-up every 6 months, have your teeth professionally cleaned and take care of your teeth by brushing and flossing, there will be no decay under your teeth and accordingly nothing will happen to your teeth.

Everything about pain:

Before grinding the teeth that are to be treated with veneers, these teeth are anesthetized. Therefore, no pain is to be expected.

The teeth are also anesthetized when the veneers are inserted, so no pain is to be expected.

You will not feel much pain after the treatment, but you will notice that your teeth have been worked on. For this, we will give you painkillers to keep the sensation as low as possible.

Yes, we also offer general anesthesia for the treatment. However, we recommend this only to patients who have extreme fear of the treatment. Recently, we also treat with nitrous oxide.

Crowns vs. veneers

With veneers, the veneers are only placed on the front of the tooth, whereas with crowns, the entire tooth is enclosed and the crown is placed from above. Therefore, only the front of the teeth must be ground for veneers, but the entire tooth must be ground for crowns.

Yes, we get crowns just as aesthetically pleasing as our veneers. Thus, in most cases, you don’t see any difference at all between the two variants.

Especially if the teeth are already very broken or discolored, it is better to choose a crown, because in these cases it takes more than the thin veneers to cover the tooth.

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