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Veneers from what age?

More and more people have veneers these days. In the past, it was mainly the stars who were allowed to indulge in this treatment. This is where the term Hollywood Smile comes from, which is associated with veneers. In the meantime, however, many other people are undergoing the treatment and dental veneers are becoming more and more popular. The question arises as to whether there is a right time for veneers. At what age do veneers make sense and is dental esthetics as a whole a question of age? The following article clarifies these questions.

Veneers Alter

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When should you think about veneers?

Treatment with veneers is mainly for aesthetic reasons. However, it is not just about giving people more beautiful and whiter teeth than they already have. Especially patients who previously had problems with their teeth think about veneers. So it is not the age that matters, but the condition of the teeth.

So it makes sense to look into veneers if your teeth are worn down, broken or discolored. In addition, large interdental spaces, gaps between teeth or crooked teeth provide a good reason for veneers. All these things are not necessarily dependent on age. Rather, they can result from poor dental hygiene. But minor accidents or genetic conditions are also triggers.

Is there a right age for veneers?

Thus, there is also no one right age for veneers. Of course, wear and discoloration from poor dental care will get worse over the years. This makes it more necessary to use veneers in some cases in older people. However, you should not wait too long with it either. In principle, veneers can be placed in all patients, regardless of their age.

The right age for veneers is the age at which patients decide they want a change. This can be the case at 20, at 30, at 40 or at 50. We are also happy to advise our patients on this subject in our practice and give advice. In some cases, there are other treatments such as whitening or orthodontic treatment that result in a more beautiful set of teeth.

How old do veneers get?

Even though veneers have a very long shelf life, they do not last forever. At Inno Esthetics we use ceramic veneers that last 15 to 20 years, but sometimes even longer. This is significantly longer compared to other veneers.

The long shelf life is of enormous advantage. Because once you have chosen veneers, you have to wear them for the rest of your life. The reason for this is that the teeth have to be ground down before the treatment and from that moment on the teeth are too vulnerable without veneers.

Veneers pflegen

However, such a long durability occurs only if the teeth are well cared for. Thorough brushing, flossing and regular visits to the dentist are mandatory. If the teeth are visibly well cared for and the patient comes to our practice every six months for a check-up and dental cleaning, we also give a five-year guarantee on our veneers.

Are you also thinking about veneers, but don’t know if it’s the right time for you? Then you are welcome to make an appointment for a consultation with us. We advise you individually and personally and give you the appropriate advice.

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