Veneers treatment

Veneers Behandlung

Anyone looking for a new, beautiful and natural smile cannot avoid the use of veneers. The veneers from Hollywood came in Germany several decades ago and continue to gain popularity.

Veneers production

Dental technician paint a tooth crown, dental concept

Teile diesen Beitrag Du möchtest schönere Zähne? Frage jetzt einen Termin an und erfahre mehr über die Behandlung mit Veneers. Termin anfragen Veneers are popular due to their beautiful and natural appearance. They are wafer-thin veneers (0.3-1 mm) that the doctor applies to the teeth with a special adhesive. Veneers production is an important process … Read more

Veneers Durability – How long do veneers last?

Wie lange halten Veneers?

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a natural and beautiful smile. The wafer-thin veneers, better known as veneers, ensure the desired dream smile for everyone. But how long do veneers actually last? Especially because veneers often have a high price, you should be able to assume that they will last a long time, right?