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Veneers installment – Cheap financing at innoEsthetics

For many people, veneers are an option for beautiful new teeth, offering a path to greater self-confidence. Veneers can help especially with severe discoloration, crooked teeth or gaps between teeth. Especially in recent years, more and more people use this method. However, some do not dare to take the step because they are either afraid of the pain or shy away from the costs. However, the problem of high costs can be avoided by paying for veneers in installments. The following article explains how this works and what options are available.

Veneers Ratenzahlung

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Cost of veneers without installment

Veneers have a long durability and beautify the smile of people with dental problems. However, they also cost their price. How much you end up paying always depends on the number of veneers you need. It is not necessary to have all teeth covered with veneers. Often it is enough to care only for the teeth that are visible when smiling.

The price for a veneer is €1,500. This means that €6,000 would be incurred if a patient’s upper four incisors were to be fitted with veneers. Eight teeth cost €12,000 and so on. From a number of 20 veneers, Inno Esthetics has an individual price agreement, so the price per tooth can be lower.

The price includes the explanation of the treatment, the preparation of a mockup, the grinding of the teeth, and the fabrication and placement of the actual veneers. The high-quality material, top medically trained staff and the time involved in such a treatment justify these prices.

Financing with veneers installment

As justified as the cost of veneers is, many patients do not have the ability to pay the price all at once. That’s why at Inno Esthetics we offer a veneers installment plan. The term of these installments can be up to 72 months long. The installment payment in 24 months is even interest-free. In concrete terms, this means that no additional costs are incurred as a result of financing veneers for two years.

In the example of the four incisors already mentioned, the price would therefore be €250 per month, provided the period is 24 months. This makes a monthly price of approx. 63 € per tooth. Most patients are already better able to cope with this, so that they too can afford treatment with veneers.

The processing of the installment payment is handled by us via an external service provider. The effective annual interest rate is 9.8%. We will be happy to explain exactly what this means and what individual financing can look like in a consultation.

Ratenzahlung Veneers

Does the financing of veneers make sense?

The question of whether a Veneers installment payment is possible is thus answered. However, some patients may continue to question whether such funding is appropriate. It always depends on the individual situation.

If you don’t have any money to spare each month, you should logically not afford to pay for veneers in installments. Even if the monthly amount is significantly lower than paying in full at once, you should be sure to have enough money over the chosen period.

However, if you have the money for the long term, there is nothing to be said against paying in installments. Above all, payment over 24 months does not entail any disadvantages, as there are no additional costs. This way, even younger people or those with a lower income get the chance to have veneers. Especially if the teeth have caused many problems in the previous life, you are not satisfied with them and things like self-confidence suffer, such installment payment can serve as a problem solver.

More information about our installment program can be requested either on-site at a consultation appointment or through the usual methods of contact.

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