Your perfect smile with veneers from 63€/month*

Laugh carefree with high quality veneers from InnoEsthetics. Individual, natural & long-lasting. *The total price is 1.500€ per veneer.

Filiz trägt Veneers von Inno Esthetics

Your perfect smile with veneers from 63€/month*

Laugh carefree with high quality veneers from InnoEsthetics. Individual, natural & long-lasting. *The total price is 1.500€ per veneer.

Your specialist from Bochum

Here's what you get:

Veneers not only give you a beautiful and natural smile, they also help with medical conditions. Let us convince you now!

What can I say? innodentum or rather Mr. Kiziler has given me back a new and natural looking smile. I will not let any other dentist approach me again!

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Google rating

This doctor fully deserves my respect. Competent and super friendly. The staff are all very nice! TOP keep it up.

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Jameda rating

I had my veneers done by Mr. Kiziler and I am megaa satisfied!!! Simply a super attentive doctor with top work. I can only recommend.

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Jameda rating

Natural, bright white and straight teeth

A proven smile from Hollywood

In our practice in Bochum, we place particular emphasis on ensuring that your result looks genuine and natural. We use our interoral scanner and an individual mockup of your teeth to make your decision easier. 

Request an appointment today for your beautiful new smile and let us advise you.

We reserve the right to offer you an appointment only after you have watched the consultation video. Only then you can be 100% sure whether veneers are the best solution for you.

Veneers VorherSchönes Lächeln mit neuen Veneers
Offizielles Siegel der DGÄZ
Ästhetische Zahnmediziner
in Bochum auf jameda
Siegel für eine Auszeichnung zur Patientenkommunikation

Best quality, best service

We guarantee excellent quality of veneers. Our specialized team will accompany you throughout the treatment and beyond.

See result even before treatment

Before you decide, you will receive an individual mockup. This will allow you to decide in advance whether your veneers are right for you.

High-quality ceramic veneers

The veneers we use are made in our own laboratory. They are layered from ceramic by specially trained dental technicians.

5 years warranty

We give a 5-year warranty on our work (instead of the 2 years typical for the industry).

Interest-free financing

24 months of interest-free financing, and individual installments.

Our prices


The cost of veeners is € 1,500 per tooth. You have the possibility to pay for your new teeth in installments.

Price per tooth

63€ / month*

Interest-free payments up to 24 months or pay 1,500€ at once.

e.g. 2 teeth

125€/ month*

Or a one-time payment of €3,000.

e.g. 4 teeth

250€/ month*

Or a one-time payment of €6,000.

e.g. 8 teeth

500€/ month*

Or a one-time payment of 12,000€.

Individual pricing starts from 20 veneers

The stated monthly installment is based on a 24-month period and is interest-free. The monthly installments can be financed in up to 72 months. The effective annual interest rate is 9.8%.

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Are you ready for a beautiful and natural smile?

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Course of treatment

  • Consultation

    After a comprehensive consultation, we create a joint design of the desired color, position and shape. During the first step we can already create a mockup on request.

  • Manufacturing of the veneers

    Our specialists will now manufacture your individual ceramic veneers.

  • Insertion of the veneers

    Depending on the choice of method (prep or non-prep veneers), your teeth are minimally ground down. Now your veneers can be inserted.

Our magazine

All information about veneers

Would you like to know more? Then find out more about the popular tooth veneers in our magazine!

Veneers Behandlung

Veneers treatment

Anyone looking for a new, beautiful and natural smile cannot avoid the use of veneers. The veneers from Hollywood came in Germany several decades ago and continue to gain popularity.

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Dental technician paint a tooth crown, dental concept

Veneers production

Teile diesen Beitrag Du möchtest schönere Zähne? Frage jetzt einen Termin an und erfahre mehr über die Behandlung mit Veneers. Termin anfragen Veneers are popular

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Wie lange halten Veneers?

Veneers Durability – How long do veneers last?

Unfortunately, not everyone is born with a natural and beautiful smile. The wafer-thin veneers, better known as veneers, ensure the desired dream smile for everyone. But how long do veneers actually last? Especially because veneers often have a high price, you should be able to assume that they will last a long time, right?

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Veneers on artificial jaw model

Veneers costs

Veneers are a wafer-thin covering for the teeth. They are permanently attached to the front of your own teeth for a more beautiful and natural smile. They are often made of ceramic or composite. Individual teeth or the whole set of teeth can be treated.

Depending on the material and the number of veneers, you will have to pay different costs.

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Frau lächelt und zeigt Herz

Veneers – Everything about the natural smile

Veneers are wafer-thin (0.3-1 mm) veneers also called shells, which are bonded to the teeth with a special adhesive. In this way, the veneer enhances a broken or unaesthetic tooth. The material used is often glass, field ceramic or composite. In the following article you will learn everything you need to know about veneers.

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What our patients say

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Interview with Filiz

Filiz was very unhappy with her gritted teeth and had been planning to have veneers fitted for a long time. However, she is also very afraid of dentists. We were able to take away her fear and now she is radiant again with her new smile.

Interview with Damian

Due to many years of cigarette and coffee consumption, Damian’s teeth have become heavily discolored. It was very difficult for him to laugh. Now Damian has a new attitude to life.

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